Helping you train your pet gundog using fun, reward based, science proven methods with our puppy and adult dog classes, gundog training workshops, online classes and one to one tuition.

One to one tuition

Ideal for those who cannot commit to a group class, for those needing help with specific training issues, and for those whose dogs would be uncomfortable around other dogs or people.


Our Puppy 1 course is for puppies under 6 months and is followed by our Puppy 2 course, which is also suitable for older puppies. We limit number of puppies in a group to ensure a high instructor to student ratio. Classes are held in a private, securely fenced field in West End. The field has so many natural distractions which will give you a head start when attempting the exercises taught in class in the real world.


Our classes cover all the skills needed to transform your dogs into obedient, happy and successful pet gundogs. We will also give them plenty of outlets for their natural instincts (such as hunting, chasing and retrieving) which can reduce problem behaviours developing at home and on walks.


Workshops are ideal for those looking for a focussed approach to everyday skills (such as recall or loose lead walking) or want to hone in on a specific gundog topic (such as steadiness or delivery to hand). Also suitable for those who may not be able to make it to regular weekly classes.

Louise Pawley

Co-owner and head gundog trainer

Lou is Lead and Listen's trainer in Surrey and runs all the Surrey classes, workshops and 1:1’s.

Lou joined Lead and Listen in 2016 when she was spotted by co-owner Collette May as a very talented handler while attending puppy classes. She has since qualified as a full IMDT member and is currently studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers to achieve an Open College Network Level four qualification in Canine Behaviour: Analysis and Application. This rigorous level of continued professional development is to ensure she is up to date with relevant methods and the latest research which allows her to cater for the needs of all breeds.  

Lou is passionate about using science-based, non-aversive, kind methods to bring out the best in both dogs and their owners alike. She has used these fun methods with her own dogs, Sprocker Dougal and Labrador Mac and continues to find fun ways to build on their relationship by making learning as fun as possible.

In 2020, when Collette moved her family to Mid Wales to set up her gundog training facility, Completely Gundogs, Lou left her previous career in the NHS to become a full-time gundog trainer. In 2021 she joined Collette as a partner in Lead and Listen.

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