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Silke - Owner and Head Gundog Trainer

My name is Silke, and I reside in Bramley, Surrey, with my husband and our three beloved dogs, Hollie, Aska, and Woody. Animals have always held a special place in my heart, and my journey in dog training began with my first dog, Sandy, a longhaired Dachshund, who left me with cherished memories. As the owner and head gundog trainer at Lead & Listen, I am passionate about helping dogs reach their full potential. From my teenage years, when my dad took me to a local dachshund training club, I became fascinated with formal training for working breeds and participating in breed classes. When my children grew older, we welcomed our first family dog, Bramble, a Labrador Retriever, who became the perfect companion. And then came Hollie, a Labrador Retriever, who joined our family as a puppy when Bramble turned ten. Hollie has taken me on an incredible journey, delving into different dog activities and sports. Around six years ago, we embarked on our gundog training journey, which has brought me immense joy ever since. Working with Hollie as part of the picking-up team during the shooting season has been a true privilege. Aska, another member of our pack, thrives in hoopers activities, while Woody, our German Wirehaired Pointer, has extended my gundog training experience to include deer tracks. Over the years, I have achieved the Gundog Club graded training scheme levels G1 to G5 with Hollie and G3 with Aska. This year, I am focused on attaining G3 with Woody and have also ventured into KC Working Tests with Hollie and hoopers competitions with Aska. My journey in dog training started with puppy classes for Bramble, where I quickly realized that training is like peeling an onion, with new layers emerging as we progress in skills and deepen the human-dog partnership. Motivated by a desire to understand how dogs learn, I expanded my knowledge through books, training classes, workshops, and webinars. Undertaking the Gundog Training Academy Handlers and Teachers Courses was a pivotal moment that set me on the path to a career change into dog training. Today, I am a certified trainer with the Dog Training College and a level 1 Hoopers instructor with Canine Hoopers UK, actively working towards accreditation with the GTA. I feel incredibly fortunate to have transformed my hobby into a fulfilling career that allows me to pursue my passion every single day. I firmly believe that training should be enjoyable for both dogs and people and that positive, reward-based methods yield the best results, fostering a strong and positive person-dog relationship. I am excited to be a part of your journey, guiding and training your dogs to the highest standards. Together, we will build a positive connection, trust, knowledge, and skills to help you achieve your unique goals. Looking forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you!

Jess - Gundog Trainer at Lead & Listen

Hello, I'm Jess, and my love for dogs and fascination with their behaviour has been with me since a young age. My passion led me to study Experimental Psychology at university, which only deepened my enthusiasm for understanding how learning takes place in these incredible creatures.

As a fully qualified trainer and behaviourist with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) & Behaviour (IMDTB), I am dedicated to using ethical, positive, and force-free methods to train dogs with love. Being an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers fills me with pride as I proudly display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of working with numerous rescue dogs during their rehoming process. I firmly believe that training and behavioural modification should be positive and enjoyable experiences. Helping owners and their dogs live their best lives together is something I'm truly passionate about. I am committed to continuously updating my knowledge and approach to stay at the forefront of my field. I regularly attend additional courses, pursue further studies, and keep up with the latest publications on dog behaviour and training. The wonderfully diverse, complex, and ever-changing nature of dogs never ceases to amaze and delight me. I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to training, which is why I tailor my methods to the unique needs and characteristics of each individual dog and owner I work with. ​ I am genuinely excited to hear from you and be a part of your dog's journey. Together, we can create a positive and fulfilling training experience that will bring out the best in your furry companion.

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Dani - Coach & Trainer at Lead & Listen

I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember, and I was introduced to working with hunting dogs from an early age

My passion for dogs led me to study cynology – the science of canine studies - at the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria.   During my professional career I bred German Shorthaired Pointers, German Wirehaired Pointers, German Hunting Terriers and the Bulgarian Ludogor Hound. Many of the dogs of my breeding lines won international championship titles under the regulations of the world governing body, the "Fédération Cynologique Internationale, FCI” for pedigree dogs worldwide.   I was lucky enough to be invited onto a FCI judges course in 1986 and this led me to many years of judging in different countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Ukraine, Turkey to name a few). I specialised in judging best in show and competitions for the HPR breed group.   Through my work, judging and teaching in many different countries, I gained comprehensive knowledge of dog psychology, and the opportunity to study the influence of geographical and socio-cultural conditions on dogs’ behaviour.   My international experience working with HPRs and their owners, trainers, and breeders has equipped me with a solid understanding of the breeds’ specific characteristics and their quirkiness. HPR breeds often require more training than other dogs, but owning an HPR breed can be an enriching experience.  Now based in Surrey, I would like to share my passion and knowledge with the working dog community here. My vision is to provide owners with a better, more complete understanding of their dog’s behaviour. Every relationship is unique in itself, and I would like to bring out the best in each individual dog and their owner for a strong bond and to reach their full potential.

Training with kindness is our passion

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