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"Navigating Halloween and Bonfire Night: A Guide to Comforting Your Dog Amidst Fireworks"

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

As autumn unfolds, the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night fills the air. Yet, amidst the joy and celebrations, the fireworks can be a source of distress for our canine companions. This article delves into actionable steps to ensure your dog's well-being during these festive nights.

1. The Canine's Perspective on Fireworks

Understanding is the first step. Dogs possess heightened senses, especially hearing. The unexpected and loud noises from fireworks can be startling and even terrifying for them.

2. Crafting a Safe Sanctuary:

  • Choose a Quiet Room: Designate a space away from windows and external noises.

  • Comfort Items: Populate the space with their favourite toys, a comfy bed, and fresh water.

  • Stay Close: Your presence can be the ultimate comfort for a distressed dog.

3. Natural Calming Activities

Sniffing, chewing, licking, digging, and shredding are not just fun activities for dogs; they are also calming mechanisms. Encouraging these behaviours with safe toys and treats can help them relax during noisy celebrations.

4. The Soothing Power of Lavender

Some dogs find the aroma of lavender calming, potentially reducing their anxiety. A study from Applied Animal Behaviour Science indicated that dogs were more inclined to interact with toys scented with lavender.

This can be particularly useful when redirecting their attention from furniture to their toys. However, it's crucial to note that while the scent can be soothing, consuming lavender is toxic to dogs. Read more about it here.

5. Create a Cosy Corner

Find the quietest corner of your house and set up a cosy space for your dog. Equip it with a radio to play calming music, such as classical tunes. Introducing a soft lavender scent in this area can further enhance its calming effect.

6. Soundproofing and Distraction Techniques:

  • Shut Windows and Curtains: This minimizes noise and the flashing lights.

  • Background Noise: Soft, calming music or white noise can help drown out the sudden booms.

  • Engage Their Attention: Interactive toys or treat puzzles can be a great distraction.

7. Halloween Precautions

Place a bucket with sweets as far away from your front door as possible for Halloween. This not only prevents your dog from consuming anything harmful but also reduces the number of doorbell rings and potential stressors.

8. Maintain a Calm Demeanor

Your dog looks to you for cues on how to react. By staying calm and composed, you reassure them that there's no imminent threat.

9. Preemptive Measures:

  • Early Walks: Ensure walks are done before dusk to avoid unexpected fireworks.

  • Feeding: A well-fed dog is more likely to be calm, so ensure they've had their meal before the festivities begin.

10. Explore Calming Solutions

From calming collars infused with pheromones to natural supplements, there's a range of products designed to soothe anxious pets. Always consult with a veterinarian before trying new products.

11. Post-Firework Care

Once the fireworks have subsided, spend some quality time with your dog. A gentle play session or a cuddle can help them recover from any stress they might have experienced.



Halloween and Bonfire Night are occasions for joy and celebration. With a bit of preparation and understanding, we can ensure that our furry friends also have a peaceful and stress-free experience. Remember, their comfort and safety are paramount amidst the festivities.

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