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Reward based, fun and effective

Lead & Listen uses the latest science based methods of training which are reward based and force free. Dogs learn by association and by the consequence of their behaviour, therefore if good things happen (treats) after they do something, then that behaviour will be repeated. Using positive reinforcement is the most effective and kindest way to teach dogs (and humans!). It also strengthens the relationship with your dog as it is a method built on trust. Dogs are set up to succeed and their skills are then gradually built up in small achievable steps. This approach keeps the dogs and owners motivated and keen to learn more.

Collette is a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and Pet Professional Guild (PPG), so you can be assured her methods used at her dog training school are current, force free, ethical and effective. She makes it her aim to know as much as she can about dog behaviour and training methods.

We limit number of dogs in a group to ensure a high instructor to student ratio. Classes are held in a private, securely fenced field in West End. Lead and Listen started with classes in a hall, but the transition between learning in a hall to the real world is quite a big leap. The field has so many natural distractions around which will give you a head start when attempting the exercises on a real walk. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing!

We also run half or full-day events throughout the year, including life skills and gundog workshops, as well as online classes and membership options.

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