Retrieve Workshop – Beginner


A fun workshop focusing on the retrieve. This workshop is aimed at those that do not yet have a reliable retrieve behaviour.

If you have any of the following issues, this workshop will help to give you some tools to resolve them. Using placeboards, clicker and targeting the issues can be fixed. This is as long as you commit to the time, repetition and accurate application of the exercises needed to get the success!1. Delivery issues – dropping it short, not giving it up, not holding it tight enough and mouthing.

2. Picking the dummy up on the end/toggle.

3. Only picking certain retrieve items not generalizing.

4. Not running straight back.

5. Not marking the fall.

6. No enthusiasm to engage in the retrieve game.

Those that need to work on more advanced retrieving issues such as swapping, hunting on, not taking the line, doubles, blinds and slow outrun or return will need to attend the intermediate retrieve workshop.

Cost is £60 and can be paid through the website.

Weds 2nd October 2019 10-1pm


Collette May only uses science based positive training methods to reinforce the behaviours that are desirable from our dogs. Positive reinforcement training is force free, fun and very effective.

Collette has used these methods with great success to train her Labrador Retrievers and won numerous awards in gundog working tests, a hugely rewarding hobby for her and her dogs, in which they have to work together as a team to get the job done. It fulfills the dogs’ natural drive to retrieve game which makes for happy and content gundogs. She regularly works at a shoot and competes in field trials, which are the top level of gundog competition.


10 am – 1 pm


Lead & Listen, Church Road, West End, Woking, GU24 9PS

What to bring

Please bring a gundog whistle, a dummy, toys and treats.

Topics covered

This course will introduce the following ideas:

Retrieving an item
Hold an item and drop when asked (hand delivery)
Target training – teaching dogs to target a hand, placeboard, post and retrieve item.
Firm accurate hold of a dummy
Marking a thrown dummy
Enthusiasm for retrieving


Handler, Spectator


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