Memories, Blinds and Handling


Collette May of Lead and Listen will be teaching this gundog workshop which is aimed at those that have good basics and a solid retrieve to hand already. Dogs will need to already understand the basic concept of stop, directions and blinds. Any breeds are welcome to participate.

This workshop will focus on building their confidence in their retrieving over distances, obstacles, memories and blinds. When working on memories and blinds handling is often needed. This workshop will teach the handler how to give their dog clear hand and whistle signals to communicate effectively with their dog. Also help them understand why the dog is not responding and how to overcome this problem.

Creating a trusting partnership is the key to progressing their skills on memories and blinds. Stop whistle is essential at this level so this will be worked on with simple effective exercises to build up their ability to respond in such exciting and distracting environment.


Collette May only uses science based positive training methods to reinforce the behaviours that are desirable from our dogs. Positive reinforcement training is force free, fun and very effective.

Collette has used these methods with great success to train her three Labrador Retrievers and won numerous awards in gundog working tests, a hugely rewarding hobby for her and her dogs, in which they have to work together as a team to get the job done. It fulfills the dogs’ natural drive to retrieve game which makes for happy and content gundogs. She regularly works at a shoot and competes in field trials, which are the top level of gundog competition.



What to bring

A gundog whistle, dummy, toys and treats


Stroud Road, Egham, TW20 9UX


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