Intermediate Gundog Workshop


This workshop is aimed at those that have good basics and a solid retrieve already. Any breeds are welcome to participate. All of the basics introduced in the beginner workshop will be developed in this workshop. The behaviours will be proofed around distractions and challenged by adding more distance and duration.

In addition to developing the basics as outlined above the retrieve will be developed by adding more distance, type of cover, jumps, barriers and doubles (two dummies out at the same time to be retrieved individually). Blind retrieves will be introduced and memory retrieves developed by leaving the dummy out for longer periods before sending the dog. Waiting their turn whilst another dog retrieves is very challenging and this will be introduced gradually to ensure no frustration behaviours develop such as noise.

There is no benefit to rushing the training as it often falls apart as soon as it’s challenged by heavy distractions or a new environment. This workshop will ensure these core basics are solid before moving on to more advanced exercises.

Introducing shot to the dogs in a very careful way will also be covered. If you know your dog is scared of shot then this workshop is not suitable until that is resolved. Dummy launchers will also be used to teach dogs to mark at longer distances.

Cold game introduction can also be covered for those that plan to work their dogs at shoots.  


Collette May only uses science based positive training methods to reinforce the behaviours that are desirable from our dogs. Positive reinforcement training is force free, fun and very effective.

Collette has used these methods with great success to train her two Labrador Retrievers and won numerous awards in gundog working tests, a hugely rewarding hobby for her and her dogs, in which they have to work together as a team to get the job done. It fulfills the dogs’ natural drive to retrieve game which makes for happy and content gundogs. She regularly works at a shoot and competes in field trials, which are the top level of gundog competition.


please refer to calendar for timings


Stroud Road, Egham, TW20 9UX

What to bring

A gundog whistle, dummy, toys and treats

Topics covered

Sit stay – Increasing distance, duration and distractions
Heelwork off lead
Steadiness to thrown dummies whist walking at heel
Stop whistle increasing distraction and distance
Hunt and turn whistle
Retrieving an item to hand
Adding more distance, distractions and variety of cover to the retrieve
Adding jumps and barriers to the retrieve
Directional cues
Cold game
Sound of shot
Dummy launchers for distance marks and steadiness training.


Fri 17th Jan Handler, Fri 17th Jan Spectator, Weds 29th Jan Handler, Weds 29th Jan Spectator, Fri 14th Feb Handler, Fri 14th Feb spectator, Weds 8th April Handler, Weds 8th April spectator


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