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Adolescent Dogs Workshop - 17 July

For adolescent or older dogs that get over excited and have impulse control issues.

Sunday 17 July


9am - 11am


West End, nr Woking, Surrey

This two hour workshop is for all breeds of adolescent or older dogs that get over-excited and have impulse control issues. 

Also for owners who want to proof their dogs’ behaviours around other dogs and other distractions that cause them to struggle to respond.

The workshop objective is to give dog owners a practical and theoretical knowledge of how to proof commands so that their dog responds to them in all situations. 

It is to help owners gain better control over their dogs around things that usually make them distracted and unresponsive.  

Dogs learn at different rates and are better at some things more than others; therefore, exercises will be adapted to suit each dog’s individual ability.    

Lead and Listen only use science-based positive training methods to reinforce the behaviours that are desirable from our dogs. Positive reinforcement training is force-free, fun and very effective.  

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