Hi Louise, I just wanted to say thank you - you have helped re-build my confidence in training. I still have a way to go hence booking another course after but your patience, understanding and general kindness has really helped in our training with Dobby and also building the relationship with him. The class is fun and even though online it has still felt very much like a class, getting to hear how we are all doing, worries and things that are going well. Knowing we are all in it together. Thank you for the time you give us and the confidence you have both helped build back up in me. Dobby is already benefiting so much from this.
                                                                 Emily and Dobby
I particularly like the way Lou spots when a dog just “isn’t getting it” and modifies the training so that the dog gets it right and gets rewarded. The Lead & Listen team encourage you to trust the dog and keep challenging and progressing while recognising each dog’s strengths and limits. My dog is never going to be a super gundog but he enjoys the classes more than anything else. And he has made more progress than I thought possible.
                  Diane and Satu
I fully recommend Lou's knowledgeable training approach which is combined patience and understanding all leading to positive results.  Happy dog and handler/owner.
              Diana and Glayva
I have attended puppy classes, gundog 1 and a loose lead walking course with Louise at Lead and Listen. The classes have been great and organised efficiently, especially given the complications of lockdowns. Louise has been so helpful with a number of issues with our anxious puppy, on top of all the really helpful foundation training she has taught us. Only 'positive' methods are used, meaning there is no correcting, telling off or punishing the dogs. Everyone is very friendly and it's been great to receive reassurance around the tough days and sticking points. Would highly recommend!
When I got my first ever gundog three years ago, a working cocker, I really didn't know where to start. Luckily I decided to start my training with Lead and Listen. Collette immediately made me felt at ease with her kind and patient ways. As Monty matured he presented me with challenges that made me want to give up at times, but with Collette's experience and help she saw me through it and helped me become a happy and confident handler. As time progressed Lou joined Collette's team as a trainer and nowadays I train with both and have the best of both worlds. I consider both Collette and Lou not just as great trainers but also as good friends and thanks to them I have managed to get Monty to a level where I can enjoy working him on pheasant shoots and take him out rough shooting which was always my dream. Thank you ladies, you’ve got a client for life here!
                                                                    Phil and Monty
Iris and I attended the beginners gundog workshop today. Louise was knowledgable, approachable and gave personal recommendations for each of the dogs attending based on their age and experience. Thoroughly enjoyed our day.
Sarah and Iris