Louise Pawley, co-owner and head gundog trainer at Lead & Listen  

Lou is Lead and Listen's head trainer in Surrey and runs all the classes, workshops and 1:1’s. Lou joined Lead and Listen in 2016 when she was spotted by co-owner Collette May as a very talented handler while attending puppy classes.

She has since qualified as a full IMDT member and is currently studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers to achieve an Open College Network Level four qualification in Canine Behaviour: Analysis and Application.  This rigorous level of continued professional development is to ensure she is up to date with relevant methods and the latest research which allows her to cater for the needs of all breeds.    

Lou is passionate about using science-based, non-aversive, kind methods to bring out the best in both dogs and their owners alike.

She has used these fun methods with her own dogs, Sprocker Dougal and Labrador Mac and continues to find fun ways to build on their relationship by making learning as fun as possible.  

In 2020, when Collette moved her family to Mid Wales to set up her gundog training facility, Completely Gundogs, Lou left her previous career in the NHS to become a full-time gundog trainer. In 2021 she joined Collette as a partner in Lead and Listen.

Scienced-based gundog training methods

Louise is dedicated to learning about science-based, reward-based gundog training in order to teach her students to train their dogs in a fun, force free and effective way.

Having started as an assistant dog trainer at Lead & Listen in Surrey, Louise has gone on to complete extensive theoretical and practical training and is currently studying towards a degree in Canine Behaviour.

Louise has a particular interest in how we can communicate more effectively with our dogs by reading their body language and also by being more aware of our own. People often think their dogs can read their minds, but they are simply watching their every move which helps them to predict what is coming next. Understanding our canine friends is the secret to increased cooperation and general obedience.  

She believes that training should always be fun and enjoyable for both the dog and handler, regardless of the end goal. Using kind methods will help to build a strong relationship which will become essential when competing or working.

Louise encourages handlers who train with her to use clickers and placeboards to help breakdown the complex tasks into smaller, easier to understand stages, which speeds up the learning for the dog. 

Steph Hemmings, trainer at Lead & Listen  

Steph is a Lead and Listen trainer in Surrey and runs our puppy one and puppy two classes.

She joined Lead and Listen in 2021 after completing a four day Practical Instructor Course and Canine Body Language Course with the IMDT.  

She has since registered with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for further study and is currently studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers to achieve an Open College Network Level four qualification in Canine Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement.  

Steph is known for by her friends and peers for her passion for animals, currently she has two cats and an adopted Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Monty – who was the reason she got into dog training.

After adopting Monty, she worked with a dog trainer to help her understand more about how to help him and was hooked from there. 

Alice Hunt, trainer at Lead & Listen

Alice first joined Lead and Listen as a handler in 2018 for her own rescue dog Reggie and rediscovered her love for training using positive methods.

Since then she has gone on to be accredited as a full member with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and completed her OCN qualification in the Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour, currently studying towards her Level four qualification in Canine Behaviour: Analysis and Application.

Alice is passionate about dogs having owned them throughout her life and specialises in rescue dogs having volunteered for over 10 years with Battersea Old Windsor.  

Private training ground

Lead & Listen's 121s and classes are held at its private training ground in West End, Surrey. This securely fenced field has many natural distractions which will give you a head start when attempting the exercises you learn in training on a real walk. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing!

The paddock in West End is also available to rent for walking or training your dog at a rate of £10 per hour.

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