Coaching you to train your dog

A one-to-one is a great option if…

  • You want to train with us but cannot commit to weekly classes. We can book your one-to-one to work around your schedule.
  • Your dog is not comfortable around other dogs and would therefore struggle in a class environment.
  • You have specific needs and goals that you want to focus on that might not get covered in a class.
  • You want to join a gundog training class but are unsure at what level. We can assess your dog and help suggest the most suitable class to join.
  • You just need a reminder of exercises covered in previous classes.
  • You want to buy a gift for a family member or friend. A one-to-one training session makes a great present for somebody who loves training.

With a one-to-one you will receive an hour’s tuition at £42. Get in touch to schedule your session.

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